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3-11-2016, 11:51

IRC director: Vakilova Durdona Rahimovna

Telefon: 244-63-30

E-mail: durdona1966-2011@mail.ru

Education: the highest

Academic degree: no

Scientific rank: no

What foreign languages knows: russian

Specialty by training: Bibliographer


     The library of The Tashkent institute of architecture and construction was established in 1992.

Since 2007  the library has been called as Information resource center which consist of 251494 copies of information. 
      Information resource center has books and many types of scientific literature regarding architecture  and construction.
There are about 80 kinds of newspapers and magazines , which are published in Russian.
      Also, Information resource center is equipped by the latest technologies and computers that have a special soft-were ARMAT. 
Moreover , all attention is paid  to the latest technology. 
      Also, IRC has access to the internet. The server of the IRC contain a lot of sorts of e-books , text and lecture as well.
IRC of the Tashkent institute of architecture and construction has necessary literature for the learning process of students.

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