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1-11-2016, 12:30
Head of the Department: Xotamov Asadulla Toshtemirovich
Telefon: +99897 707-48-16, +99890 808-48-16
E-mail:  loyiha_ks@mail.ru
Education: Higher
Scientific degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences
Scientific rank: Associate professor
Knowledge of the language: Russian language
Profession by education: engineer
Chair "Urban Construction and Management" was established by the Rector's order in May 1991. Since 1991 the department headed by Associate Professor Kasymovа S.T., 1992-1996, the department was headed by prof. Rakhimov B.H. From 1997-2012, the head of the department approved Associate Professor Kasymovа S.T. From 2012 till today is Head of the Department Associate Professor Khotamov A.T.
The department lectures are bachelors in 18 disciplines, master's degrees in 12 disciplines. Over the years, we worked at the department lecturers Holmuradov M.H., Kambarov D.S., senior teachers A. Gritsenko, Tabibov A.L. Currently, the department has prof. Rakhimov B.H., Khodzhaev S.A., Muminov N.S., Assoc. Shodzhalilov Sh. Kasymov S.T., Tolipov N.C., Usmanov K.T., Mahkamov S.M., senior teachers Mutalova B.I., Kadabaeva Sh.S., Omonova D.F., assistants Abdullayeva K.D., Baranovskaya I.Z., Mukimov H.N., Abdusametov A.A., Rustamov U.I. For directions undergraduate 5340300-"Urban construction and management" read the following disciplines: "Town planning concepts", "Fundamentals of Architecture and Urban Planning", "Housing and communal services and service bases," "Restoration of buildings and structures", "Development of engineering infrastructure and urban renewal", "Protection of the environment and urban climatology", "Engineering preparation of urban areas","City engineering structures", "Planning, construction and reconstruction of cities", "City streets and transport", "Technology of repair of construction works", "Methods of calculation of recoverable buildings". Also, for the direction of undergraduate 5310900-"Metrology, standardization and quality management products (construction)" read following items of discipline: "Fundamentals of metrology", "Fundamentals of standardization," "Fundamentals Certification" .For graduate specialty 5A340302-"Urban transport facilities and means of communication" is read the following subjects: "The layout and landscaping of streets and means of communication", "Planning and landscaping of streets and Railways urban and rural areas", "Street-transport facilities", "Engineering solutions street Railways", "Technical maintenance of the road network", "Complete landscaping of urban areas". For specialty graduate 5A310902-"Metrology, standardization and quality management (construction)," read the following disciplines: "Theoretical Foundations of quality control and quality management", "Methods of testing and investigation of building materials", "Determination of the reasons povrezhdeniyi results of structural failure", "Organization of control quality at the time of construction projects", "Organization and planning of experiments", "Investigation of the permissible restrictions in the construction".

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