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Department of "Management"
1-11-2016, 12:13
Head of the department: Davletov Islambek Khalikovich
Phone number: +998977726839
E-mail: i.davletov68@gmail.com
Education: Higher
Specialty: Engineer-economist
Scientific degree: Candidate of Economic Sciences, Assistant professor
Foreign language skills: Russian

General information about the department
Department "Management” was established in 2002, the purpose of training managers of construction. Since 2002 to 2009 department was headed by c.t.s. Gimush.R.I., from December 2009 to april of 2012 department was headed by c.e.s. XairovaD.R. From april 2 of 2012 to the present time department was headed by c.e.s., assistant professor Davletov I.X.
In different years at the department taught d.t.s., professor Jumabaev X.R., a.p. Xalilov P.I. , c.t.s., a.p. Chembaev R.K., a.p. Shamirzaev E.A., c.e.s., a.p. Kalmetov B.D and senior lecturer: Karimova O.U., Maxmudova L.L., Mirganieva R.Sh. and assistant Mustafokulov O.A., Xaydarova E.Sh., Artikova Sh.M. and Arifdjanova Z.D. At the present time in department work d.e.s., professor Nurimbetov R.I., c.s. and assistant professors: c.e.s. Davletov I.X., c.t.s. Gimush R.I., c.e.s. Xairova D.R., c.e.s. Mamanazarov O.Sh., acting ass.prof. Inoyatova D.Sh., senior teachers: Mamatkulova N.M., Xalilova A.R., Raximov K.E. and Berdieva D.A., assistant Sultanov A.S. and training and support staff- head of office Xalilov R.I.
Teachers of department conduct lessons and give comprehensive knowledge to students on the basis of modern pedagogical information and communication technologies for following the main lessons: on the directions of undergraduate "Management”, "Marketing”, " Taxes and taxation” , "Management in the construction” , " Production management” , " Management of human resource” , " Service activities” , " Economics and Management of dwellings utility economy” , "The organization and financial management partnerships private owners of property ”, by function master: "Organization of marketing and tender bids in the construction of” , "Analysis and project management”.
At the department of prepared specialists – bachelors in direction: 5111000 - "Professional education(5610100 – Services sector ( housing and communal services)) ”, 5111000 - "Professional education(5341300 - Organization and management of public infrastructure and housing and communal services)”, 5610100 - "Services sector ( housing and communal services and consumer services)” and 5341300 - "Organization and management of public infrastructure and housing and communal services.”
Young specialists who graduated from the institute can work as a manager, Engineer, Leading specialists of the enterprise and organizations in the field of housing and communal services, as well as leaders and teachers of the professional collage in the relevant areas.

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