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Department of "Philosophical and social-political disciplines"
1-11-2016, 11:14
Head of the department: Berdaliev Nizomiddin Sheralievich
Phone number: 
Education: Higher
Specialty: History
Scientific degree: Candidate of political Sciences, Associate Professor
Foreign language skills: Russian, English

General information about the department
In 1991, the "Socio-economic and political disciplines", 1992 "Philosophy and Sociology", in 2000 "Philosophy. Theory and Practice of Building Civil Society in Uzbekistan " in 2005 merged with the Department of History of Uzbekistan and conducted its activities under the title "Philosophical and Socio-Political Disciplines".
In the past, the department was in charge of the doctor of economic sciences, A.K. Kodirov, prof., D.N.Nosirov, candidate of philosophical Sciences A.Ganiev, candidate of philosophical Sciences E. Kadirova, D.Sc.prof., T.T.Alimardonov.
To date, the department has its activities 2 doctors of science, 5 candidates of science, 10 senior teachers and assistants.
At the department in Uzbek and Russian languages ​​the following subjects on educational specialties of the bachelor's and master's degrees are taught:
1. History Of Uzbekistan;
2. Foundations of spirituality;
3. Religious studies;
4. Philosophy (Ethics, Aesthetics, Logic)
5. Sociology;
6. National idea: basic concepts and principles;
7. Theory and practice of building civil society in Uzbekistan;
8. National idea: the Strategy of socio-economic development of Uzbekistan;
Over the years, the department has carried out the following scientific and methodological works: 2 monographs, 4 teaching aids, 10 methodical instructions, as well as prepared educational-methodical complexes on subjects.

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