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3-11-2016, 11:44

Managing of chair: Sattarov Zafar Muradovich

Phone:(+99890) 187-69-71


Formation:high education

Scientific degree: p.h.d.

Academic status: -

Knowledge of foreign languages: English

Speciality by training: engineer-builder-technolog


Faculty "Construction infrastructure"

Chair "Building materials and chemistry"

The chair "Building materials and chemistry" has been based in 1972. Originally the chair consisted of 7 professors-teachers and 4 cand.tech.sci. Managing the chair had been appointed E.U.Kasymov. Because E.U.Kasymov in 1974 has been appointed to the post the head of department in the Ministry of the Higher and average vocational education, managing the chair had been appointed M.K.Hasanova.

In opened laboratory at chair new test cars, a room of an artificial climate and ultrasonic devices have been got.

In 1979 managing the chair again had been appointed E.U.Kasymov under the direction of whom 4 post-graduate students in the Central institutes have been sent.

In a current of this period uchebno-methodical and scientific communications with the Moscow Construction Institute, the Leningrad Hydraulic engineering Institute and the Kiev Construction Institute have been expanded.

In 1982 E.U.Kasymov has protected the thesis for a doctor's degree. During this period, hundred percent of teaching structure of chair have received scientific degrees. During this period, E.U.Kasymova's monograms (in co-author) «Impregnation of a cement stone and concrete by thermolayers» and «Updating of concrete by polymeric materials» have been published.

Preparation of high quality shots gradually began to pass from the central institutes to chair «Building materials». Under E.U.Kasymova, N.A.Samigova, S.H.Islomkulova, M.K.Hasanova's scientific management conducted activity of 15 post-graduate students. Especially it is necessary to note scientific works of foreign post-graduate student Muhammada Tahir Shah. Its monograms have been published in Russian and English languages. During M.Solihova, H.Muminzhonov and P.Rapaport's this period have protected the master's thesis.

In 1989 at the initiative of E.U.Kosimova managing chair the room scientifically-educational laboratory has been constructed by the area 200 equipped with the necessary equipment 6 ти.

By this time have been published over hundred scientific articles. Are received about fifty patents. The chair Faculty actively took part in the international and republican scientific conferences.

N.A.Samigova's monography «Technology of carbomyd polymeric concrete» and E.U.Kasymova's manual «The mineral binders and materials on their” has been published.

In 1984 and 1990 at financing by the Ministry of Rural Building and "Kazteplomontazh" at chair the research laboratory «Improvement of properties of concrete» and "Polimerbeton" has been based. The laboratory has started to be engaged in studying of reception of building materials from a waste of the industry and reception of materials for protection of pipes of underground water supply. In 1990 N.A.Samigov has protected the thesis for a doctor's degree in Moscow and has received a rank of the professor.

N.A.Samigova's monography (in the co-authorship) «the Polystructural theory of composite building materials» has been the same year published. During this period 15 scientifically-methodical grants have been published. New education-practical grants in the Uzbek language have been prepared: "The Carbamide Polymer concrete (technology and properties)”, "Optimization of polymer concrete with mathematician way”, "Production of building materials using secondary resources of Uzbekistan”. Together with scientists from Kazakhstan the professor B.A.Askarov, professor E.U.Kasymov and in со-author with others the book "The source of raw materials of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan for manufacture of building materials” has been published. And as under the direction of the professors B.A.Askarov and E.U.Kasymov in Stanbul has been published "Russian, uzbek, тurkish and english building dictionary” (1997). During this period of 11 post-graduate students have successfully protected the candidate dissertation.

"During this period modification polymeric concrete” (by N.A.Samigov, I.Siddikov) have been published the monography "Durable concrete” (E.U.Kasimov), "Arhitektural materials technology” (E.U.Kasimov, S.A.Habibullaev) and "The Mechanic equipment” (A.F.Mirzaev) were published.

All texts of lectures on subjects on chair have been prepared. 6 persons from chair have taken part in the international congress Ibausil-13 (1997), Ibausil-14 (2000), Ibausil-15 (2003) in Germany. 22 scientific articles in foreign magazines have been published.

In 2000 A.A.Tulaganov has protected the thesis for a doctor's degree.

Under the direction of N.A.Samigova polymeric composite building materials different by high durability and firmness to chemical environments have been created. At the initiative of professor E.U.Kasymov and A.A.Tulaganov in the Khorezm area the small cement works have been constructed. In 2000 new scientific directions have been opened: "Building composites on a basis of gelpolymer minerals and polymeric binding” and "Working out and the recommendation of building materials in Architectural monuments”. In 2002 at the initiative of professor N.A.Samigova for the first time in Republic Uzbekistan between chair and university of Germany Weimar Bauhaus, иститутом building materials of a name of F.A.Finger has been based "Joint Uzbek-German chair of building materials”. It conducts the activity in 5 directions. In 2002 prof. N.A.Samigov and доц Kh.Kamilov have won grant DAAD and have raised the qualification at universities of Germany Bauhaus and the Munich technical university. In 2003 between chair and chair "Building chemistry” of university Bauhaus the contract on cooperation has been signed. In 2004 on building materials has been published 2 textbooks and 4 manuals, 38 scientific articles, from them 11 have been published abroad. And as E.U.Kasymova's textbooks "Building materials”, "Building materials and products” N.A.Samigov, the monography "Durability of concrete” of I.Shtarka has been translated from German A.A.Tulaganov. In 2005 of chair "Building materials” both chair "The Chemistry and ecology” have united and the chair "Building materials and chemistry” has been based.

In 2005 the senior teacher Arslanov I.K. has protected the master's thesis.

At present on chair conduct the activity the following faculty:

The professor, Dr.Sci.Tech.: Kasymov I., Samigov N., Muhammadgaliev B.

The senior lecturer, Cand.Tech.Sci.: Zakirov D., Mahkamov S., Sattarov Z., Abdurahimov А.

The senior lecturer: Azimov Х, Talipova N.

The senior teachers: Аkhundjanova S., Juraeva F.

Assistants: Khodjaev N., Mazhidov S.

On chair employment on 10 disciplines are conducted: «Building materials and products», "Architectural materials technology”, "Chemistry", "Health and safety and the safety precautions”, "Metrology, standardization, certification and quality assurance”, "Processes and devices of building materials”, "Mechanical devices and the equipment of the building industry”, "The extreme position and civil defence”, "Ecology” and "Organic and physical chemistry”.

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