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3-11-2016, 11:42

Head of the Department:

Xurramov Shavkat Rahmatullayevich

Telefon: 268-96-70, 294-26-23

E-mail: shavkat-xurramov59@mail.ru

Education: the heghest

Scientific degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences
Academic rank: Associate Professor

What foreign languages knows: Russian
Specialty: mechanic


The department was founded in 1929 as part of the Central Asian Industrial Institute of Cotton Growing.Until 1991, it functioned as part of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute under the name "1st Department of Higher Mathematics".In 1991, when the Tashkent Architectural Construction Institute (TACI) was created, it was renamed as the Department of "Higher and Applied Mathematics".In 2006, the departments "Higher and Applied Mathematics" and "Physics" were merged and a new department was named "Mathematics and Natural Disciplines".
After the formation of the TACI, they headed the department: 1991-1997.Doctor of Technical Sciences, Professor Ya.U.Soatov;1997-2008Ph.D., associate professor A.Abdurakhimov;1991 - 2006Candidate of Technical Sciences, Associate Professor A.S.Nigmankhodjaev (Department "Physics");2008 -2010 Ph.D.M.Mamatkulov; 2010 - 2011Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences.Ya.M.Khusanbayev;2011-2012.Ph.D., Associate Professor Sh.R. Khurramov;2012- 2015 Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences.A.A. Zaitov;2015 - 2017Doctor of physico-mathematical sciences.A.Kuchkarov.At the present time, the head of the department

is Ph.D., Associate Professor Sh.R. Khurramov.

Currently, the department employs 6 associate professors, 3 senior lecturers and 8 assistants.Teachers of the department actively participate in the development and implementation of new pedagogical and information technologies, spiritual and educational and educational, as well as research and development.
The department is considered one of the leading in providing technical schools with modern textbooks and teaching aids in higher mathematics.Five-volume textbook Ya.U.Soatov "Higher Mathematics" has enjoyed to this day, as the main educational literature in technical and technological schools.This textbook was awarded in 1998 with a first degree diploma, a foregone competition of the "Ustoz” Foundation.And also, written by Sh.R. Khurramov, a three-volume textbook "Higher Mathematics", made a great contribution to providing students with modern educational literature.
The teachers of the department conduct classes on new pedagogical technologies at the best level.At present, He is teachers of the department combine the development of new textbooks and teaching aids with research work on modern problems of mathematics, mechanics and physics.Scientific research of the department is conducted jointly with many higher educational institutions and scientific research institutes.The obtained scientific and practical results and conclusions are reported at scientific conferences and seminars, and also published in monographs and scientific articles.

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