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Department of “Design, construction and operation of engineering communications”
3-11-2016, 11:06
Head of the department: Mahmudova Dildora Ernazarovna
Phone number: +998946122504
E-mail: dildoram76@mail.ru
Education: Higher
Specialty: Economist-organizer
Scientific degree: Сandidate of technical Sciences, Associate Professor
Foreign language skills: Russian, English

General information about the department
The Department "Design, construction and operation of engineering communications" of the Tashkent Institute of architecture and construction was established in 1998. on the basis of the Association of the two oldest departments: "water Supply and Sewerage" and "heat and gas supply and ventilation" for training in accordance with the new classifier of bachelors in the direction 5340400 "Construction and installation of engineering communications",5341200- "Design and operation of water supply and Sewerage systems" and masters in the field: 5A340401 - "Water Supply, Sewerage, protection and rational use of water resources", 5A340403 - "Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and air pool protection". Currently, the Department under the guidance of candidate of technical Sciences dots: Makhmudova D. E. In department works: 6 associate professors, 5 senior teachers and 6 assistants, which in accordance with the requirements of the time help students to learn theoretical and practical knowledge.
During this period, the Department developed more than 25 textbooks, more than 35 teaching materials and lecture notes for all subjects in the curriculum. Fruitful scientific and production relations are established and developed with research, design and operational organizations and firms. They are connected with creation of new equipment and designs, new technology, use of nonconventional types of energy. Including solar energy, meeting the requirements of efficiency, reliability, high availability with extensive use of local materials in the regional conditions of the Republic. Introduction of modern imported equipment in the field of engineering communications to the domestic market.
The Department trains specialists in the following areas:
5340400 "Construction and installation of engineering communications".
5341200 - "Design and operation of water supply and Sewerage systems", as well as masters in the field: 
5A340401 - "Water Supply, Sewerage, protection and rational use of water resources".
5А340403 - "Heating, ventilation, air conditioning and air protection”.

List trained subject
Liquid and gas technology
1.Fluid and gas mechanics
2. Pumping
3. Heat technology
4. Equipment on production of the heat
5. Heat mass exchange
6. Chemistry of water and microbiology
7. Hydra geology and engineering hydrology
8. The Technology and technology on preparation, welding and erection work.
9. Systems gas provision
10. Systems heat provision
11. Systems to ventilations and air conditionings
12. Oil gasmains and oil газохранилища
13. Organization and usage of the functioning(working) the systems of the water-supply and sewerages
14. Water-supply
15. Sewage networks
1. Gas provision
2. Ventilation
3. Air conditioning
4. Technology of preparation of water
5. Guard and efficient use water resource
6. Technology peelings sewages
7. Water-supply industrial enterprise and abduction of the sewages from industrial enterprise
Main practical work
1. Usage of the systems of the heating and heat supply
2. Usage and montage of the systems of gas supply
3. Montage and usage of the modern systems to ventilations and air conditioning
4. Actions on organizations of technologies water of preparation
5. Guard and efficient use water resource
6. Introduction to technologies on clearing the sewages
7. Provision by qualitative water industrial enterprise and usage of the systems to sewerages.

Scientific directions
1. Use and using in practice энергосберегающих technology and sources alternative energy in system engineering communication
2. As well as making the equipment
3. Introduction and use reliable, economical modern methods of the systems of the water-supply and water of the abduction.

Scholastic-methodical work
On pulpit on constant base are work on preparation and renovation textbook, scholastic allowance, methodical instructions on profession heat gas provision, ventilation and air conditioning, water-supply and sewerage.

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