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Department of Geodesy and Cadastre
3-11-2016, 11:01
Head of the department: Xamidova Maknona Baxtiyarovna
Phone number: +998974484975
E-mail: maknona68@inbox.uz
Education: Higher
Specialty: Mine surveyor engineer
Academic rank: Assistant professor
Foreign language skills: Russian

General information about the department
Department of Geodesy first worked at Turkestan State Research Institute, then Central Asian Geological Search Institute, Together Institute and Tashkent Polytechnic Institute. In 1960-1970, the department of Geodesy was named as "Geodesy of Engineering" In 1970, the first cadre was trained as a geodetic engineer, during the years of T.Kumimboyev's leadership (1968-1980), the professor- about 850 geodetic engineers were trained, of which about 20 were graduated with honors from the institute.
There are 7 candidates of sciences, associate professors, 6 senior teachers and 6 assistants. The chair trains bachelors in 5311500 - "Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre" and 5А311502 - "Applied Geodesy", 5А311503-geoinformatics (stroitelstvo),. Ministry of Geodesy Cadastre, "UZGASHK LITI" State Institute, At the Central Aerogeodezic Enterprise there are branches of the Department of Geodesy and Cadastre.
There are 6 computers and electronic libraries equipped with software in the computer room, which is organized at the department. In recent years, more than 20 textbooks and manuals have been published by the professors and teachers of the department.
Students who graduated from the department can work in various geodetic, construction organizations, cadastral departments of cities, districts, regional khokimiyats, municipal improvement departments.
Since October 2012, the department is working on the TEMPUS program, which is being implemented by the European Union. As a result of this work it is planned to open a magistracy on a new specialty "Geoinformatics".
All the professors and teachers of the Department of "Geodesy and Cadastre" are selflessly engaged in the delivery of highly qualified specialists capable of solving all scientific-practical problems of geodesy, cartography, hydrogeology and cadastre in independent Uzbekistan. and scientific and methodological work. It is being implemented within the ERASMUS project since 2017

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