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3-11-2016, 11:01


Geodesy as an object began to form In Uzbekistan for 20 years. Initially, the Department of Geodesy began its activities as part of the Turkistan State University, then at the Institute of Geology of Central Asia, the Mining Institute and the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute. In 1960-1970 the Department of Geodesy conducted its activity under the name "Engineering geodesy". In 1970, began training in the specialty of a geodesic engineer. During the years of the leadership of Professor T. Kuziboev (1968-1980), as a result of the efforts of professors-teachers, they were trained about 850 geodesic engineers. about 20 of them graduated from the institute with an excellent diploma.

There are 7 candidates of sciences, 6 senior teachers and 6 assistants in the department. The department prepares bachelors in the direction of "Geodesy, Cartography and Cadastre" and masters in the direction of "Applied Geodesy". Also, the department "Geodesy and Cadastre" has its branches in the committee "O'zergeodezkadastr", the state institute "O'ZGASHK LITI" and the central aerogeodetic enterprise.

There are 6 programmed computers and an electronic library in the existing cabinet of the Information Technology of the department. In recent years more than 20 teaching aids and training manuals have been published by professor-teachers of the department.

Students who graduated from the department can work in different geodetic, construction enterprises, in the department of the cadastre of a city, region or district, in the department of urban improvement.

Since October 2012 the work under the TEMPUS program, founded by the European Union. as a result of these works, the department is planning the introduction of a new direction for the magistracy -"Geoinformatics".

All professor-teachers of the department "Geodesy and Cadastre" work selflessly in the way of attaining highly qualified personnel capable of solving all scientific and practical problems in the field of geodesy, cartography, hydrogeology and cadastre for independent Uzbekistan. Scientific and methodological work is carried out to increase the capacity of the department


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