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Department of "Technology and organizing of construction"
3-11-2016, 10:12
Head of the department: Bahodirov Azizbek Abdulazizovich
Phone number: +998903255628, +998712411521
E-mail: bahodirov_76@mail.ru
Education: Higher
Specialty: Professional education - construction of engineering communications
Scientific degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences
Foreign language skills: Russian, English

General information about the department
In 1994 " The technology of consruction and premises” and "The organization, planning management of construction” was founded unitedly. The chair was ruled by docent N. Z. Muhiboyeva, docent A.Toshmuhammedov, docent E.Shomirzayev, docent Sh.O’tegenov, professor N. Bozorboyev, docent H. I. Yusupov, I. T. Aliyev before 2015. Since 2016 June I. N. Salimova was in the position of head of chair temporarily. Since 2017 February A.A. Bahodirov has been ruling.
At present professor M. Mirahmedov, docent X. I. Yusupov, R. A. Norov, M. Yu. Mahkamova, senior teachers I. N. Salimova, N. Alimova, L. Xolmatova, F. N. Bozorboyev, N. A. Aripova, assistants K. U. Toshxo’jayeva, J. X. Ko’makov, G, Z, Zokirova, G’. A. Meliqulov, J. G’. Rashidovs are working.
Professors and teachers have prepared for teaching following subjects "Construction equipments”, "The technology of construction stages”, "The technology of building and building process”, "The organization of building planning”, "Education technology” for bachelor students. The chair has made syllabuses and curriculums for all subjects. Until now approximately 20 brochures, curriculums have been presented to students. In 2002 master degree in the speciality of 5A580211-"The technology of industrial and living premises” was established for the first time.
This speciality was renaimed to "Construction technology” in 2013. Before now, more than 60 masters have defended their dissertations.
Docent A. A. Bahodirov was signed as a head of chair in 2017 february. Currently, A.A. Bahodirov is working under the title "Волновая динамика подземных инженерных коммуникаций взаимодействующих с грунтовой средой” to defend his dissertation. Bozorboyev as a independent researcher, and A. T. Ilyasov as a senior scientific researcher are working at the chair.

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