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3-11-2016, 10:06
Department of "Construction Mechanics and Seismic Stability of Structures"


Head of Department: Shadmanova Zuxra Salaxovna

Phone: 241-14-98, (90) 954-81-16

E-mail: z.shadmanova61@mail.ru

Education: Higher education

Scientific degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences

Academic Rank: Dotsent

What foreign languages ​​do you speak: Russian

Specialty by Education: Bridges and Tunnels

Department of "Construction Mechanics and Seismic Stability of Structures"

The department "Resistance of Materials and Construction Mechanics" was created in 1964 on the basis of the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute. The average age of the faculty is 52 years. Teachers of the department conduct lecture, practical and laboratory classes in Uzbek and Russian languages ​​in the subjects "Theoretical Mechanics", "Applied Mechanics", "Materials Resistance", "Construction Mechanics" and "Seismic Resistance of Buildings and Structures".

Since 20th September 2011 year she is head of the department "Construction Mechanics and Seismic Stability of Structures" Ph.d. dotsent. Shadmanova Z.S. Professorial-teaching staff of the department: D.t.s, prof. Abdurashidov K.S., Ph.d., dotsent. Saidiy S.A., Ph.d., dotsent. Nazarova M.K., Ph.D., dotsent. Kenjaev K., c.ph-m.s, dotsent. Abdukadirov, Senior Lecture. Zhabbarova H.K., Senior Lecture. Rakhmanov B.K., Ass. Askarhudzhaev Sh.I., Ass. Ibragimov N.M., Ass. Akhundzhanov D.G., Ass. Sobirov S.T., Ass. Faizieva F.A., Ass. Maksudova N.Sh. Engineering and Technical Personalities: Rakhimkorieva N.A., Akhundzhanova M.H. and Kholtaev A.K. The faculty always gives the students in-depth and in-depth knowledge of the subjects "Theoretical mechanics", "Materials Resistance", "Mechanics", "Applied Mechanics", "Seismic Stability of Buildings and Structures" for their specialties.

The scientific direction of the department: "Residential buildings, Power structures, Spatial structures and Ensuring durability and Seismic stability of Architectural Monuments".

In 1999-2012, the leading specialists of the department prof. K.S. Abdurashidov and dots. S.A. Saidiy was performed on the basis of 4 innovative, 6 applied and Master Scientific Research works in the amount of 200 million sums.

In 2011, based on the results of scientific research, prof. K.S. Abdurashidov, F.R. Kabulov and B.K. Rakhmanov received copyright on the topic "Engineering Problem of Architectural Monuments" and published a Scientific Monograph in the publishing house "Science", in 2011 an application was submitted to the Republican Agency for Intellectual Property to obtain a patent for an invention on the subject "Device for Strengthening the Construction of Architectural Monuments" and is being prepared Doctoral thesis on the results of scientific research.

The management of the department carries out work on expanding the composition of personnel who have scientific degrees. Last years in the department of N.D. Tuychiev and A.A. Amosov defended doctoral dissertations, L.Meliboev, A.Rakhimov, A.Urinboyev, Z.Abdukarimov and Z.Sh.Shadmanova were defended candidate's dissertations.

Under the leadership of the leading specialists of the department prof. K.S. Abdurashidov, dots. S.А.Saidiy, dots. M.K. Nazarova and dots. Z.Sh. Shadmanov more than 20 bachelor's final qualification and master's works have been prepared and successfully defended.

The members of the department try to work more efficiently for the upbringing of the generation of students for the harmonious development.

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