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Department of "Building construction"
3-11-2016, 10:02
Head of the department: Yusuphodjayev Saidgani Abdullahodjayevich
Phone number: +998712411496
E-mail: qurilish-konstruksiyalari@mail.ru
Education: Higher
Specialty: Building engineer
Scientific degree: Associate professor
Foreign language skills: Russian

General information about the department
The "Building Construction” department was the part of the Central Asian cotton irrigation polytechnic institute in 1929. The country’s first constructors and engineers studied there. It was became the specialized department of CAPI and then TashPI.  In its turn  had began the period of preparing highly qualified specialists in the history of our Republic. Until 1949 d.t.s.professorV.Neron and then many years A.B. Ashrabov(in 1948-1988) were the chief of the department. It was regarded the request for builder-engineers in 1970-80 years and had increased the number of part and full time students and in the result of it was divided the department of " Building construction” for part and full-time students in the compound of the department of "Constructive construction” and it was again joined in 1990.
In 1991, when Tashkent Architecture-Construction Institutewas established,based on the department"Building constructions” , institute set up"Steel concrete and stone constructions " and " Metal, wood and plastic constuctions”. Prof.K.I.Ruziyevand N.B.Shoumarov had leaded these two departments since 1991. In 1997 these chairs were united to one department and a fresh department named "Building constructions” was created.
Between 1997-2006 years this chair was headed by prof. A.A.Xodjayev, from 2006 to 2014 was controlled by prof. Sh .R .Nizomov. Since 2014 it has been managed by prof. S .A .Yusufxujayev as the head of the chair.
Tashkent Architecture and Construction institute was founded In 1991, after it the new departments have been established  such as "Concrete  and stone structures”  and "Metal, wood and plastic constructions”, "Building construction” . Prof K. I. Ruziyev and ass.prof.N.B.Shoumarovwere the head of the department. In 1997 these departments have become one "Building construction” department.
From 1997 till 2006 prof. A. A. Xodjayev, From 2006 till 2014 d.t.s.prof. Sh.R.Nizomovwere head of the department. Since 2014 assosiatedprofessor  S. A. Yusufxujayev  is the head  of the department.
There are professors Sh.R.Nizomov, A.A.Xodjaev assosiated professors–S.A.Yusufxo`jaev, P.T.Mirzayev, P.U.Alikulov,S.Y.Matkarimov,N.B.Shoumarov, Sh.Sh. Shojalilov, Senior teachers M.A.Xudayberganova, N.T.Xasanova, K.Q. Shukurova,D.N. Djalolova, assistants Sh.P. Mirzayev, F.M. Yunusov,  Kh.T. Alimov, J.D. Ergashov, I.B. Tulaganov are working. Nowadays, there are 3 doctorates and 8 masters  are working on their scientific-research works in the department. 
There are the scientific - research works are carried out  to assess the structural and technical condition of the building and on strengthening and ensuring the longevity planned to determine the strength adapted to the conditions of the Central Asia.

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