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3-11-2016, 09:38
“BUILDING CONSTRUCTION” DEPARTMENTHead of Chair: Boltayev Jasur Ismailovich.
Telefon: 241-15-30
E-mail: Jasur-boltayev@mail.ru
Education: the highest
Academic degree: no
Scientific rank: associate professor
What foreign languages knows: russian
Specialty by training: civil engineer
The chair of Constructions and Buildings was established in 1929. The chair was called "Architecture of industrial and civil constructions and buildings”.
The chair was headed by: from1968 to 1979: docents  Fal man L.E.,  Martirosyants G.G., Abdurasulov K.I., professor Kazakbaev K .K ., Narzullayev F.N., Suxanov I.S. from 1979-2016: professor Nuretdinov F.N., docents Kuchkarov  R.A., Pirmatov R.X., Sayfiddinov S., from 2016-2017 docent Yusupov.Starting 2017 Jasur Boltayev has been head of chair. The following specializations are studied at the magistrates: 5340200 "Buildings and Constructions” 5340100 "Architecture” 5610100 "Services”5340400 "Construction and installation of engineering communications” 5340500 "Production of construction materials, articles and structures” 5340900 "Examination and management of real state”
5A340201 "Constructions and Buildings (Energy improving buildings)”
The chair "Constructions and  buildings” is considered to be as a supportive chair  in the in the educational system of the republic. It plays a main role in developing related normative documents. The certain works are systematically done  on providing and improving education and methods.
The following staff are working successfully in teaching the students and magistrates: 
- Marakaev R.Y., Kuchkarov R.A., Yusupov R.A., Mahmudov S.M., Pirmatov R.X., Miralimov M.M., Zoxidov M.M., Sayfiddinov S., yusupov U.T., Xakimov G.A., Boltayev J.I., Inomov B., B., Babajonov M.B., Axmadiyorov U.S., J.Xasanov ., R.I.Saydakhmedov., A.Mingyasharov., M.Qambarov., B.Jabborov, O’.Boboqulov, X.Abduraimova, M.Kamilova.
Scientific works the students of grade 1 at the end of academic year have a summer training where they are introduced the construction materials, elements and detail of the newly constructed buildings. The graduating students have practical trainings at scientific and industrial enterprises.
The below staff are working as independant reasecher: 
The head of chair Boltayev J.I., Yusupov U.T, R.X.Pirmatov, R.A.Kuchkarov, M.M.Zoxidov, Boltayev J.I, Babajonov M.B, U.S.Axmadiyorov, J.O.Xasanov, R.I.Saydahmedov, A.Mingyasharov, M.Kamilova , A.Abduraimova, B.Jabborov, O’.Boboqulov. 
During the period of 1991-2015 there were prepared 3Ph,D and eight candidate dissertations. Out of them one Phd and three candidate dissertations were defenced. 

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