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Department "Drawing, painting and sculpture"
3-11-2016, 11:00

Department "Drawing, painting and sculpture"

First name, middle initial, last name:

Bobomurodov Ziyodulla Rustamovich

Ph.: +998 71 241 14 73

e-mail: Ziyodullo-rrh@mail.uz

Education: The highest

Scientific rank: Associate professor

Degree is scientific:

What foreign languages knows:Russian

Specialty by training: Graphic artist

"Architectural faculty"

The department of "Fine arts" in 2005 was merged into department of "Design" and the uniform department of "Design of the architectural environment" is formed.

Since September, 2011 according to the order of the rector, the department separated from department of "Design of the architectural environment" and the independent department "The drawing, painting and a sculpture" was formed. As the manager, the department was headed by the doctor of architecture, professor Dodo Avazovich Nozilov.

Being not indifferent teacher, it attracted on department of specialists in the drawing, painting and a sculpture thereby having raised the level of department.

At the beginning of 2015 associate professor Bobomurodov Ziyodulla Rustamovich who within several years conducted the work at this department was appointed to a position of the manager of department.

At present Bobomurodov Z. R. attracting on department of young specialists rejuvenated department. Along with transfer to young teachers of the knowledge and experience, instilling of love to subtleties and secrets of the fine arts, he is an active teacher. Training in the graphic diploma, it shares the sincere love expressing it in the words: "When you work feel it as all the heart and soul, otherwise the work created by you will be false and heartless".

At present at department "The drawing, painting and a sculpture" conduct the pedagogical activity: manager of department, associate professor Bobomurodov Ziyodulla Rustamovich, associate professor Andreyeva Evgenia Mikhaelovna, senior teachers Ishmatov Dzhurabay Tursunbayevich, Nizamov Erkin Mirzabdullayevich, Mansurov Zaur Yusifovich, Yusupov Ulugbek Kadirovich, Mirdavidova Saodat Mirvaliyevna, Mukhamedzhanova Sakina Ismaildzhanovna, Almyasheva Liana of Adkhamovn, assistants Bekmirov Sherzod Choriyevich, Sobirova Mukaddas Palvannazirovna, Rakhimov Sarvar Abduraimovich, Usmonov Abdukodir Hasanovich, Usmonov Botor Allaberdiyevich, Berdiyev Fazliddin Abdugafarovich, Alimova Noila Abdukhamidovna, Sattarov Alisher Anvarovich, Urakov Anwar Ulashovich, technicians manager of Abdurakhmanov Mahfouz Temirovna's office, senior laboratory assistant Ikramova Shakhnoza Kabildzhanovna, Laboratory assistant Makhkamova Umida Rustamovna, Pulatov Farrukh Abduvaliyevich.


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