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Department of Descriptive Geometry and Computer Design
3-11-2016, 10:57
Head of the department: Saydaliyev Saydarkim Saydnabievich
Phone number: +998712411086
E-mail: aritektor_chizma@mail.ru
Education: Higher
Specialty: Drawings
Scientific degree: Candidate of Pedagogical Sciences, Associate Professor
Foreign language skills: Russian

General information about the department
For the organization of training of qualified specialists in the modern engineering foundations, the department "Descriptive geometry and construction drawing" was established on July 1, 1991, the chair was headed by Candidate of Technical Sciences, associate professor Mirkhamidov D.Kh. Since 2000, a new discipline "Computer Design" has been introduced into the curriculum of the direction "Architecture" and the training of students has been organized. The faculty mastered the graphic programs AutoCAD and 3D studio MAX, standard programs, teaching aids in Uzbek, classroom and homework assignments, methods of teaching computer graphics, new computer rooms were created. Currently, "Computer graphics is taught to students in 9 directions.
In 2006, the Department of Informatics and Informational Technologies and the Department of Descriptive Geometry and Construction Drawing were merged and the department was named Informatics and Computer Graphics. In September 2011, taking into account the specifics of the subjects taught, the departments once again became independent.
On the present day, the Chair of Candidate of Physico-PhD, associate professor S.S.Saidaliev, Ph.D., Associate Professor L.U.Rasul-Zade, senior lecturers BVNigmanov, M.Khamrokulova , H.T. Abidov, F.S.Rasulova, assistants Z.Kh.Mansurov, E.A. Nurmatov and S.H.Mardov technical officer D.A. Urakova.
They give the depth of knowledge to students, undergraduates, gifted youth, students of the center for improving qualifications in subjects: descriptive geometry, descriptive geometry and engineering graphics, descriptive geometry and computer graphics, computer graphics, computer design
Classes are conducted in Uzbek and Russian.
For all of the above items read at the department, curricula, assignments for classroom and home graphic work have been developed. Summaries of lectures have been developed for all subjects, which are annually updated. Over the years of independence, the department has developed more than 40 teaching aids, which are used in the educational process.
Every day from 1500to 1700 in the computer halls of the department there are various mugs in which students can deepen their knowledge, perform final qualification work and master's dissertations.

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