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Date of foundation: 1929
Head of the department: Reyimboev Shukhrat Sadullaevich
Teaching staff:
Doctor of Architecture, professors: Khidoyatov Timur Abrarovich
professors: I.A. Abdurakhmanov., VMMahmudov., Korobovtsev G.I.
candidates of architecture, professors: Ubaydullaev Kh.M.,
candidates of architecture, associate professors: Nizami TA, Inagamov BI, Ya.Mansurov., Kadirova SA, Umarov AA, Yunusov Sh.H.,
senior teachers: Inogamova MM, Magomedova FH, Abdujabborova MT, Zakirova NA, Kuranov AE,
Assistants: Masharipov IR, Alimdzhanov RI, Makzumov AA, Kamalov DS, Ubaidullaeva DF, Kurbanbaev A.,
training and support staff: Matsaidov M., Yusupova MZ, Khashimova N.R.
Main readable disciplines
Architectural design
 Undergraduate project.
· Typology of residential and public buildings.
· Architectural graphics.
· Modern interior and equipment.
· Architectural bionics.
· Modern buildings and facilities.
· Social foundations of the architecture of residential and public buildings.
· Modern architectural composition.
·Architectural design.
· Methodology of architectural design.
· Typology of rural residential and public buildings (for bachelors).
· Integrated course on research activities.
Let out specialties:
· In the direction -5580100 - "Architecture";
· Direction -5581200 - "Designing rural construction";
· In the direction -5А580101 - «Architecture of buildings and structures».
Educational-methodical activity:
The department develops and regularly updates methodical instructions and manuals for the implementation of course and diploma projects, as well as new knowledge of design.
The main scientific directions:
· Study and development of residential and public buildings projects according to customers' requirements.
· Study and development of the principles of architectural and planning solutions for rural, urban residential and public buildings and structures.
· Development of projects for energy-saving residential and public complexes.
· Development of architectural and sociological research for architectural design of residential and public buildings.
More information about the department:
The Department of Architectural Design is the oldest department of the Architecture and Construction Institute.
The construction of new settlements and the reconstruction of the national economy required more and more qualified personnel of all specialties. This explains the organization in 1923 in the Central Asian State University (SAGU) technical faculty. In 1929, the Central Asian Cotton-Irrigation Polytechnic Institute (SAKHIPI) was allocated to an independent university with mechanical, water management, agro-cotton, collective farm and state farming and construction faculties. 1929/1930 academic year - the year of admission of the first group to the Department of Architecture of the Faculty of Construction of SAKHIPI. For the organization of the architectural department, one of the most famous at that time civil engineers was invited, the architect essentially was professor G.M. Svarichevsky.
In 1931, the Central Asiatic Building Institute (SACI) was established with three independent faculties: Engineering, Construction, Sanitary and Architectural. The first dean of the architectural faculty was I. Markevich. The faculty had three departments: "History and theory of architecture", which was headed by L. Voronin; "Architectural design", which was headed by S. Kolotov; "Drawing and painting", which was headed by I.Kazakov. Head. G.Svarichevsky became the Chair of "Architectural Constructions" of the Faculty of Construction.
In 1934 a number of higher educational institutions of Uzbekistan were reorganized. Three of them - construction, geology and energy - are united in a large Central Asian industrial institute.
In connection with the opening of new faculties in 1949, SACI was renamed the Central Asian Polytechnic Institute (SASPI). In 1961, SazPI was renamed the Tashkent Polytechnic Institute.
From 1962 to 1984 the department was headed by the founder of Uzbek architecture, the national architect, professor prof. A.B. Bobokhonov. In these years, the faculty of architecture worked in such departments as "Designing residential buildings" and "Designing public buildings". In May 1991, the Tashkent Architectural and Construction Institute was created and the two departments merged. The newly organized department was called "Designing residential, industrial and public buildings." The head of the department was appointed Honored Architect of Uzbekistan, Professor Ubaydullaev H.M.
Since 1998 the department has received the name "Architectural Design". For the period of the chair's existence, it was headed by the most prominent and devoted figures of architectural science: prof. Svaridovsky GM, prof. Kolotov SM, Bobievsky KV, prof. Babakhanov AB, prof. Ubaydullaev HM, prof. Khidoyatov TA, Assoc. Asamov RA, prof. Latipov DV Assoc. S.T. Tursunov

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