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Department of “History and theory of architecture”
3-11-2016, 10:35
Head of the department: Matchonov Bakhodir Gaibbaevich
Phone number: +998974290027
E-mail: Matchanov.76@mail.ru
Education: Higher
Specialty: Architect
Scientific degree: No
Foreign language skills: Russian

General information about the department
The department of "History and Theory of Architecture” was established in 1929 at the Central Asian Industrial Polytechnic Institute for Cotton Growing.
Presently, the Department works on the education of highly qualified specialists in the field. More than ten of its experienced professors and teachers are specialized in: "History and Theory of Architecture,” "Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Monuments,” and "Urbanism, Landscape Architecture, and Rural Planning.” In all these fields the Department conducts historical, theatrical, and applied researches.
To fulfill the goals outlined by the "National Program for Cadres’ Training” as well as to produce qualified bachelors and masters, the activity of the Department of "History and Theory of Architecture” is directed to the solution of the following main tasks:
• to coordinate the activities of Uzbekistan’s institutions of higher learning in the directions of the filed of the specialization "History and Theory of Architecture, Restoration and Reconstruction of Architectural Monuments”;
• to produce highly qualified cadres in history and theory, restoration and reconstruction of architectural monuments, to analyze and introduce in practice all the advanced experiences in the field of education;
• to improve the curricula, and the programs on the specialty; to develop new textbooks, teaching aids, advanced informational technologies, and introduce them into the educational process; 
• to develop the drafts of the normative documents for the functioning of the educational and planning institutions in the filed of history, theory, restoration and reconstruction of architectural monuments;
• to guarantee students’ fundamental knowledge, and use of advanced pedagogical technologies in educating specialists.
• to exchange new educational standards and latest educational methods with foreign specialists.

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