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Faculty of Building Infrastructure
6-01-2018, 12:07
Name, Surname: Norboev Sanjar Mukhammatovich


Phone: +998712411590

E-mail: narbayev_sanjar@mail.ru

Higher education

Scientific degree: Candidate of Technical Sciences

Academic rank: No

Knowledge of foreign languages: English, Russian

Specialty: engineer hydraulic engineer

Faculty of Building Infrastructure


The history of the engineering infrastructure department begins in 1972. The faculty "Rural construction", which began its work on November 23, 1978, was renamed the faculty "Engineering construction" in September 2007, the faculty "Injener service", in December 2010 - "Faculty of engineering construction infrastructure", was named. B. Askarov, E.Kosimov, N.Samigov, etc., who made a worthy contribution to the development of the faculty in the educational, scientific and spiritual and educational spheres. In different years Associate Professor F.N. Nazrullayev, Professor H.Z. Rasulov B.A. Askarov, associate professor H.Akramov, S.A. Tashpulatov heads. At present the faculty is headed by the senior lecturer S.M. Narbaev heads.

Professors and teachers of the faculty also successfully develop their knowledge and results in production. Scientific research works are carried out in the form of economic agreements on the basis of state innovations, applied research and orders of production organizations. As a result, the department provides material and technical support, teachers are socialized, and considerable funds are spent on the institute's treasury.

The faculty trains 3 specialists ("Geodesy, cartography and cadastre", "Designing, construction and operation of engineering communications", "Technology of building materials, products and structures") and 2 subjects "Mathematics and natural sciences", "Building materials and chemistry" ").

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