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Faculty "Construction of buildings and structures"
13-06-2017, 08:31
 Faculty "Construction of buildings and structures"
    In 1929, as part of the Central Asian Сotton Irrigation Polytechnic Institute, the construction faculty began training of civil engineers in the territory of Uzbekistan. From year to year the teaching staff of the faculty was formed, the number of students increased and the material and technical base increased, the faculty potential increased.
The faculty development, the graduate of qualified personnel led to the formation of the national building infrastructure, the emergence of design institutes, research institutes, construction, production and trusts.
 All this led to the development of educational institutions, construction production and assistance in the development of each other building organizations. At the faculty, at different times, professors and teachers BA Askarov, Amankul Ashrabov, KK Kazakbaev, Kh.Z. Rasulov, H.N. Nuretdinov, from assistant professors R, R.Abdurasulov, SIIkramov, RAKuchkarov, P.R. Pirmatov and I.U. Ibragimov. Today the dean of the faculty is Associate Professor I.Aliyev.
After the formation of the Tashkent Architectural Construction Institute in 1991, the process of  improving the educational process began to adapt to modern requirements. A lot of work has been done to train the staff to modern requirements. In 1991 to 1993, new curricula for training courses were developed. From 1991 to 1999 the faculty was called "Industrial and civil construction", since 1999 the faculty has been called "Construction of buildings and structures."
A two-stage system for the preparation of  Bachelor's and Master's students was formed. At present, the Faculty of Construction of Buildings and Structures trains students in three areas: 5340200- "Construction of Buildings and Structures", 5340700- "Hydraulic Engineering Construction",5312000- Construction and design of oil and gas industry facilities. Bachelors are trained in all three directions for 4 years.
Currently, four faculties are training at the faculty, one general public and one general educational. These are the departments "Buildings and structures", "Building structures", "Building technologies and organizations", "Hydraulic structures", "Construction mechanics and seismic stability of structures", "Physical culture".
117 professors and teachers work at the faculty. Of these, 8 doctors of sciences, 39 candidates of science and associate professors, 70 senior teachers and assistants.
Masters in five directions are preparing at the faculty: 5A340201 - "Construction of buildings and structures", 5A340202- "Technology of organization of construction", 5A340204- "Building structures, special equipment and installation of engineering systems", 5A340701- "Hydraulic engineering structures", 5A340702- «Underground hydraulic engineering constructions».
Currently, teachers, students and graduate students with the necessary training in the preparation of plans, pilot programs and more than 150 scientific textbooks and teaching aids. New modern textbooks and manuals for work are being conducted.

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