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14-04-2017, 08:31
Name Surname: Reyimbaev Shuhrat Sadullaevich

Phone: +998712418002

E-mail: shuh_1977@mail.ru

Education: Higher

Academic degree: candidate of architectural Sciences

Scientific name:

Foreign languages: English language

Specialty: Architecture

Architectural faculty

In 1929, in Architecture section of building and construction faculty, wich is organizated by composition of Central Asia Polytechnic Institute, prepazation of architector trained personnel was founded in Uzbekistan.

In 1934 A.Bobokonov, S.Asaturov, G.Jakhongirov who the first graduates of this section afterwards has become famous architector-engineer, well-known educator scientist.

In 1991 Tashkent Architecture-building Institute was founded and then from the first days teaching prosses was reorganizated, there was a huge number of organizational works in the field of trained personnel system agreement to current requirement.

In 1991-93 study- plans of direction and speciality were reworked.

Two – levelled system for students which is bachelor degree and master degree prepazition system, is imposed.

Nowadays, there are 3 sections in Architecture faculty; 5340100 – "Architecture”, 5150900 - "Design”, 5341000 - organization of architecture project and design in the country, in this sections bachelors are prepared. In Architecture educational areas the period of preparation bachelors is 4,5 years, Design is 4 years. At Present in the faculty four specialist preparation and two assistant chairs are active. They are: "The history and theory of architecture”, "Architecture project”, "The design of landscape and interior”, " The building of city and landscape architecture”, "Picture, drawing and sculpture”, "Drawing geometry and computer project”.

In faculty hundred of professor teachers are active. Eight of them are doctors of sciences and professors, thirty of them are candidates of sciences and senior lectures, seventy two are scientific degrees and assistants.

In faculty master degree are prepared in four speciality, they are.

5A340101 "Building architecture”

The Faculty prepares masters for four specialties: 5A340101 "Architecture of Buildings and Structures", 5A340102 "History and Theory of Architecture", 5A340103 "Urban Planning, Planning of Urban and Rural Housing", 5A340104 "Landscape Architecture", 5A150901 "Design".

By today, the curriculum, exemplary discipline programs, and more than 100 textbooks and teaching aids have been created at the faculty. At the moment, work is underway on new textbooks and manuals.

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