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3-11-2016, 12:05


Head of international relations department: Nigmadjanova Anzirat Talipovna

Phone: +99871 235-47-80

Education: High

Specialty: Engineer

Foreign languages: English, Russian



 International relations of the Institute have been taking root since 1956 under TashPI. The faculty for work with foreign students was transformed into the Department of International Relations of the TACI by order No. 81-13-09 of 1995 due to the reduction in the number of foreign students. Currently, the institute has 35 "Treaty" s and "Memorandum" on mutual cooperation in the field of education and science with such countries as Germany, France, Italy, USA, Norway, South Korea, People's Republic of China, Indonesia, Latvia, Russian Federation, Kazakhstan.

Since 1991, the Institute has been actively cooperating with the universities of the Federal Republic of Germany such as:
Weimar University Bauhaus, Dresden Technical University, Potsdam Architectural and Construction Institute. Over the years of cooperation, more than 70 professors-teachers, undergraduates and students of TACI went to Germany with the purpose of improving their qualifications, participating in international seminars and symposiums, as well as participating in seminars of the summer academy. More than 50 professors, teachers, undergraduates from German universities took part in international seminars and symposiums and also in the summer school in TACI seminar.

As a result of a long and fruitful cooperation with German universities in 2012, Magistracy was opened at the Uzbek-German Center for Architecture and Construction under Tashkent Architecture and Construction Institute. Funding for the Center's activities was carried out by the German Volkswagen Foundation, and three semesters took place in Tashkent and one semester in Germany, where German professors and teachers taught in German.
In 2015, 10 graduate students completed their studies and received international diplomas.
In 2015, on the basis of the "Memorandum" and on mutual cooperation in the field of education and science with South Korean universities, 3 teachers of TACI during the 1st month raised their qualifications at the Yeoju Institute of Technology and 6 students were trained for 4 months in Hanbat National University, and simultaneously taught Korean students the English language.
Currently, 5 TACI students are preparing for a trip to Hanbat National University to upgrade their skills and teach new technologies within 4 months at the invitation of the Korean side.
In 2015 more than 36 professors-teachers, trainees-researchers, undergraduates and students went abroad for participation in international seminars and symposiums, as well as for participation in summer school seminars.
Currently, in the direction of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan, 2 young teachers of TACI raise their qualifications and study new technologies at Chong Ging University in China during the 1st 2015-2016 school year.
One student on a grant from the Indonesian Embassy in Tashkent studies at the "Nigeri Jakarta" University during the 1st 2015-2016 academic year.
Since February 8, 2016, Mikael Gartner, Fulbright Scholar (USA), has been teaching at TACI and will teach for six months for senior students and undergraduates in the field of "Seismic stability of structures and rescue operations in emergency situations."
Since 2010, on the basis of the "Contract" and "Atelier" about mutual cooperation between TACI and the Versailles Higher School of Architecture, 2-3 teachers and 16-18 students of Versailles come to TACI each year in April to conduct joint training for 2 weeks together with the teachers and students of our institute. In June of the same year, 2-3 teachers and 16-18 TACI students went to France to continue the practice, which was started in Tashkent.
In April, 2016, two teachers and 12 students from the Versailles School are scheduled to attend a two-week joint practice in TACI and in June 2016 a trip of 2 teachers and 12 TACI students to France.
On November 9, 2015, an international seminar was held in TACI at the initiative of the Embassy of France in the Republic of Uzbekistan with the participation of 4 professors and teachers of the French University of Lille.
The opening of the seminar was attended by the Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Ambassador of France in the Republic of Uzbekistan, Mr. Jacques-Henri Els.
Presentations were made by both professor-lecturers at the University of Lille and TACI.
On November 10, 2015, a video conference was held with participation of French and Uzbek professors-teachers under the leadership of the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
On the basis of the "Treaty" and on mutual cooperation with the Indonesian University of Gunadarma, four scientific articles of the professor-teachers of the TACI were published in English in the collection of articles of the 5-international Uzbek-Indonesian joint conference that was held in Indonesia.
Currently, 14 foreign students from Russian Federation, Ukraine, Tajikistan are studying at the Institute. 


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