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Tasks of the marketing department
3-11-2016, 12:22

Tasks of the marketing department:



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Tasks of the marketing department

By applying marketing activities, the relevant indicators of the rating of the institute (alumni professional qualifications (qualifications) and their requirements to the employer (consumers), after 6 months after graduating job placements) and coordination of all relevant divisions (faculties, departments, departments) for further enhancement.

Continuous marketing research in the market of education services, in cooperation with labor market users.

Studying the current and prospective staffing needs for staff each year to ensure the efficiency and quality of training of bachelors and masters.

Developing and implementing measures to establish and develop partnerships with key employers, khokimiyats, who develop parameters, bachelors and masters.

Formation and continual updating and expansion of the strategic database on the needs of enterprises and organizations in the Institute, based on current and prospective orders received from the main employers.

Collaboration with relevant departments of the Institute (scientific-methodological councils, scientific, teaching-methodical units, faculties, chairs, etc.) on increasing the professional skills of students on bachelor's and master's specialties and graduates employment to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of measures undertaken by them, to coordinate the overall marketing policy of the Institute.

Preparation of proposals on opening new educational (training) areas or specialties, taking into consideration the development perspectives of the economy and social sectors of the country and the relevant regions (regions), as well as cessation of non-compliance with the educational services market identifying a list of bachelor's and master's specialties that do not have an employer.

Preparing recommendations on specific changes to the content of existing education on the basis of employers' (customers) feedback on alumni (shortcomings, shortcomings of a young specialist, reasons for rejection) and recommendations for improving the quality of education.

Analyze the changes in the market of services market and determine new directions of development, which can lead to the formation of competitive educational services on bachelor's and master's specialties in branches of the national economy.

Marketing service department's responsibility

Responsible for the timely and quality fulfillment of the tasks entrusted to this Provision is entrusted to the rector of the institute and the head of marketing department.

Responsibilities of other employees and subdivisions (pro-rectors, deans of faculties, heads of relevant departments, heads of relevant divisions) shall be determined in accordance with their duties.

Structure and funding of the marketing department

Marketing department is an independent body of the institute and is directly subordinated to the rector.

The head of the marketing department is the head of the department and coordinates the activity of all departments of the marketing department of the institute.

The number of employees of the marketing department is formed on the basis of the standard staffing of the institute and the staff table is approved by the rector.

Organizing, managing and controlling the marketing department

The activity of the department of marketing services is at the disposal of the rector of the institute.

Department of Marketing Services reports at least once every academic year at the Scientific Council of the Institute on its results.

The Department of Marketing Services provides the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Special Education with the information on its implementation.

The activities of the Marketing Department are coordinated and monitored by the Ministry of Higher and Secondary Specialized Education.


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