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About Master Degree Department
3-11-2016, 12:10

Head of the department: Khadjaev Rustamkhon Mahmudkhonovich

Tel: +99871 234-13-66

Fax: +99871 234-13-64

Education: Higher

Foreign languages: Russian

E-mail: master@taqi.uz


About Master Degree Department

Undergraduate Department of Tashkent Architecture and Building Institute trains 155 students in total of 20 specializations. In particular, 90 students are enrolled in the first year and 65 students on the 2nd year. Of these, undergraduates are awarded 40 scholarships for the first year, 35 students on the 2nd year, and 50 students on a fee-paying basis and 30 for the 2nd course. 8 students are awarded different scholarships, 2 of them are Beruni scholarships and one is the Presidential scholarship holder.

Master specialties are provided with necessary textbooks and course books. Each semester is given to the Academic Council of the faculties on the subject of students' academic studies, scientific research and scientific and pedagogical work. The fulfillment of the individual work plan of the undergraduate students is discussed monthly during the semester at the department meeting.

Continuous control of graduate students' qualitative and timely execution of insurance works is carried out in April - May. The Master Degree Department provides on-the-job training sessions and curriculum oversight for students.

List of specialties prepared by the Master Degree Department

5A150901 - Design

5A310902 - Metrology, standardization and quality management

5A311502 - Geodesy and cartography

5A313503 - Geodesy and Geoinformatics

5A320101 - Materials science and technology of materials

5A340101 - Architecture of buildings and structures

5A340102 - The theory and history of architecture, restoration of architectural monuments

5A340103 - Complex construction of townships and rural settlements

5A340104 - Horizontal architecture

5A340201 - Construction of buildings and structures

5A340202 - Technology of construction

5A340204 - Installation of construction constructions, special equipment and engineering systems

5A340206 - Building economy

5A340302 - City transport and communication lines

5A340401 - Water supply, sanitation, water resources protection and their efficient use

5A340403 - Heat and gas supply, ventilation, air conditioning and ventilation

5A340501 - Manufacture of building materials, products and designs

5A340502 - Technology of wall and heat insulation materials

5A340503 - Technology of cosmetic materials

5A340701 - Hydraulic engineering constructions

5A340702 - Geotechnical and Underground Hydroelectric Power Plant

5A340901 - Evaluation and management of real property

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